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Our Story

Jake’s Famous Crawfish Restaurant has become a classic, but it didn’t happen overnight. Thanks to you and generations of guests, Jake’s has celebrated more than 127 years of dining excellence. A cast of Hollywood stars, politicians, and athletes, from Humphrey Bogart and Casey Stengel to Madonna and Michael Jordan, have helped create Jake’s special ambience and golden history – which started, naturally, with a man named Jake.

A colorful local character, Jacob (Jake) Lewis Freiman established a legendary Portland tradition in 1892 at the corner of 12th Avenue and Stark. In the years that followed, Jake became an expert in the subtle art of preparing and serving extraordinary seafood – and Portland diners responded in great numbers and with strong enthusiasm.

Knowing what customers want is a great asset in business, as it is in life. Jake always attracted discerning diners, hungry travelers, and well-known entertainers from across the nation. In 1904, renowned brewmaster Henry Weinhard decided to build his new brewery just a block away from Jake’s. One wonders if the location was selected for the proximity of beer deliveries, or because it was within walking distance of Jake’s, his favorite restaurant.

Come See Us

Exceptional, classy, and comfortable, Jake’s continues to attract a special crowd. The restaurant allows guests to experience Northwest cuisine at its best. Menus are crafted and printed each day, after the early morning delivery of seafood and shellfish from the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico. Locally-sourced produce and ingredients ensure unmatched freshness. 

Sitting here, you have become a part of a century-old tradition, a tradition that lives on in friendly service, delicious food, and rich conversation. Thank you for being part of our rich history.

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